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Home Insurance

Mother Nature can turn your home into a nightmare in a matter of minutes. We are locally based in Pleasant hills, PA and know what type of home insurance coverage you’ll need to protect your home from the worst that Western Pennsylvania has to offer. Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you'll ever make so why not talk with an expert about what home insurance best fits your needs and protection.

Our insurance specialists will develop a custom home insurance package tailored to your specific needs and risks. Whether that’s adding sewage Back-up coverage to protect your finished basement or higher Liability limits for the new pool. We can quickly compare rates to ensure you don't have any gaps in home insurance coverage down the road.

Home insurance in Pittsburgh, PA

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What are the most common causes of  home insurance claims in Pennsylvania?

Fires, Frozen pipes, flooding, and snowstorms are the frequent causes of home damage in Pennsylvania. Keep all of these in mind when talking with a local agent about your homeowners insurance policy.
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Are you required to have home insurance in Pittsburgh, PA?

Homeowners insurance is not mandatory in Pennsylvania, however most banks and lenders will require you to have home insurance for at least the amount of the mortgage.

Buying home insurance for the first time is a bit confusing and finding the right coverage could be very difficult and that's why we are here to help you find the best home insurance policy that best fits you.

Are you ready to start shopping for home insurance in Pittsburgh? Take a look at this home insurance guide and talk with one of our expert agents.

Why home insurance is important
Not only does home insurance protect your home and belongings from theft, accidents, and even the weather, but it's also a necessity to receive a mortgage. Home insurance is often misunderstood because it protects more than just your physical home and the items inside. Talk with one of our agents today to receive more information about our home insurance in Pittsburgh, PA.
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Mistakes to avoid when buying home insurance

Although it might be tempting to get a bare-bones policy to save money on premiums, this could come back to haunt you later. One of the biggest mistake that people make when buying home insurance is they tend to focus on price rather than the coverage or quality of their policy. You need to understand the type of home insurance policies there are and what is covered and not covered within them, To avoid unwanted surprises, buy a policy sufficient enough to replace or rebuild your home and any outbuildings such as a garage, pool, shed, or fence, as well as your home's contents.

If you already have a home insurance policy it is important to periodically review your policy to continue to get the best rates possible. Home insurance companies tend to tack on rate increases each year for various reasons, the reasoning for this could be inflation, increases in the value of your home, and other factors. They are usually small enough adjustments that you don’t even notice them but over time can add up.

Studies show that two-thirds of homes in America are underinsured and that is why InsurePGH is here to help you get the correct home insurance policy.

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Does Pennsylvania require special home insurance coverage?

Pennsylvania does not require any special home insurance coverage. If you have any questions about getting a homeowners insurance policy in Pennsylvania, you can reach out to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department consumer services.

What other risks may be covered by a home insurance policy?

Personal Liabilty, medical bills, and additional expenses.

Personal Liability

Personal liability could help with medical expenses or property damage to others caused by you or members of your household including pets. Personal liability could also help with legal expenses in the case of a lawsuit.

Medical Bills

Covers medical payments for minor injuries to people who don't live with you but get hurt on your property.

Additional expenses is coverage for extra cost you may have to pay when experiencing a covered loss, for example (A fire makes your home uninhabitable and you need to temporarily live some where else).

3 interesting and important facts about homeowners insurance
1. Be picky when it comes to getting a pet

Dog bites are one of the top reasons for homeowners claims in the US, and if your dog is a certain breed labelled as “aggressive”, you could be denied coverage and left holding the bills yourself!
2.You can not double dip

If you operate your business from home, but are counting on your homeowner’s insurance to cover the materials and equipment in case of a accident, you could find yourself in a sticky and complicated situation. While some items may be covered under your existing homeowner’s policy, when dealing with business-related items it’s best to have a business policy that steps in and covers things that your typical policy won’t.
3. Choose your claims wisely

While your insurance is there to provide for your needs when the unexpected happens, it’s also important to know when you use it and when to handle things yourself. Your insurance provider can look at the number of claims you’ve submitted within a given period of time, and if the number is higher than they’d like, you could be labelled as “high risk” and therefore suffer from increased premiums.
Common questions about home insurance in Pittsburgh
  1. What does home insurance protect against?
  2. Will home insurance cover rental properties?
  3. Does home insurance cover flooding?
  4. What is Sewer back up coverage insurance?
  5. What affects home insurance prices in pittsburgh?
  1. Standard home insurance policies cover a variety of situations up to your coverage limits minus any deductible.
  2. If you rent out a house to tenants or if your rental property is unoccupied, you'll need a dwelling policy to cover your rental home.
  3. If you live in an area prone to flooding you may need a flood insurance policy. A flood insurance policy may help protect your home and personal belongings.
  4. Sewer back up insurance typically covers damage to the sewer line running from your house to the city main line. It can also cover the expense of having standing sewege removed and repairing the damage it caused up to your coverage limits.
  5. Crime rates, property prices, and extreme weather can all affect home insurance premiums. For example, crime is relatively high in Pittsburgh compared to other cities. These rates can affect home insurance premiums.