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5 Easy Steps To Lower Your Auto Insurance

The handshake and promise that contracts were made on before are not as reliable nowadays. Before, there was no concern for insurance or compensating someone who had been wronged because they could rely upon their neighbor's goodwill to make things right but then the speed of auto wrecks increased significantly which is why it became very important to purchase car insurance when an individual owns a vehicle so they can compensate someone if something happens in case anything goes awry; this soon led many people within society to buy at least minimal amounts of car insurances just in case, until finally the federal government mandated that all individuals have some form of automobile coverage whether it be full-coverage with comprehensive products or liability only policies whichever best suits their needs.

Over the past 10-20 years, auto insurance has become more complex and expensive. The need to be cost conscious in your purchase is greater than ever before- it's important today that you know what you're paying for when getting a quote from an insurer or agent.

The average American pays over $1,000 per year on car ownership alone-- whether it's gas costs,maintenance expenses, parking fees at work/school while commuting every day during rush hour traffic...the list goes on! When we factor in how much people spend just trying to avoid accidents because they fear their rates will skyrocket if any semblance of damage occurs - as well as increased coverage requirements such as uninsured motorist protection plans which have seen dramatic increases since 2009 (over 50%)

Purchasing auto insurance in this day and age is just as challenging as buying the car itself.In order to secure a lower quote, it's important that you know what factors are considered by an automobile insurer when determining quotes for their customers.

So Here are the 5 Ways If you want to drive insurance rates down

1. The first step is to portray yourself as a safe driver

  • Keep your driving record clean with no traffic violations or accidents in recent history.
  • You should also install anti-theft devices
  • Attend Drivers Safety Training classes
  • Buy A “Safe” Vehicle If you're looking for anew car, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety together collect information on safety related aspects of different vehicles. Since these organizations are reputable sources that have been around since 1966, it's best to buy an automobile that is officially designated as "safe". If you don't want to do all there search yourself, just go talk with your local mechanic or dealership; they should be able make some good recommendations based off their experience working in this industry!
  • Park your vehicle in a garage.
  • Just do these things diligently so that insurers can see how well you care for your car!

2. Show that you are credit worthy

With the risk of not being able to pay your insurance premiums on time, it is important that you show yourself as credit worthy. One way to do this would be keeping a high average FICO score and clear up any errors or discrepancies in your report. You can also cut down on the number of outstanding cards so there are only 2-3 accounts left open at all times, which could help boost their scores by reducing debt levels

3. Practice Financial Wisdom –

Insurance companies are in business to make money, and they do so by balancing the risks of insuring you against your premiums. The way that you structure and pay for coverage can decrease their risk with respect to having a policyholder like yourself on board - which means lower rates!

  For example:

a.Buy an annual policy instead of six monthly coverage. You'll be able to get a lower rate that remains the same for twelve months!


b Opt for automatic payment deductions from either your bank account or credit card so that when you're charged via mail, it's not added as another fee.


c. Increase deductibles on both comprehensive and collision policies will reduce rates even more; try increasing them by $500 each time until they are at least 10% higher than what is currently offered--you may end up saving hundreds in total over one year with these small investments!


d. Get loyalty discounts if you buy home and auto insurance from the same company too- just ask about this option next time someone offers some free quotes.

4. Pay for exactly what you need…

A lot of people think they need to get the most expensive insurance possible, but that's not usually true. You should only purchase as much coverage as you're going to use and if your car or other property is worth less than what it will cost for them in potential damages then buy just a little more so you are covered up to those limits.  That is why at Insure PGH we work with you to figure out your needs and get you a quote that will work for your exact needs.

It is important that every person, no matter what their position in life or occupation they have chosen for themselves, check to see how much an insurance policy may cost them. There are many factors which go into the process of determining your rates including some you can't do anything about and others where a little bit of effort will make all the difference!


Make an informed decision and tell your agent about any specific uses or occupations for which you plan on using the vehicle in order to get a quote that better suits those needs. You can benefit from discounts if you're a student with good grades (or other criteria) who has been driving responsibly; give up smoking as this could help lower automobile quotes substantially when shopping around! Even School teachers and other occupations. 


For more information and to get the exact quote that is best suited for you Call (412) 653-3929 and we will customize a quote that best suits your auto insurance and home insurance needs right here in the Pittsburgh area.